Sports Betting Analysis

All successful handicappers know the value of proper sports betting analysis. You can’t just throw darts at a betting sheet and expect winning picks. While opinions are likes noses, we all have one; solid sources for sports betting analysis can be like a gold mine.

Analysis takes many forms including looking at a team’s recent history, injury reports, weather, game location and previous history between the teams. Sharp bettors always pay close attention to the analysis on betting trends and line movements. This is especially helpful when you notice a side is being bet heavily. The line will most likely move and you can jump in when it moves lower on the favorite or higher on the underdog.

Sports Handicapping Analysis

When searching for advice through sports handicapping analysis, bettors need to know and trust their sources. Solid sports handicappers will analyze sports match-ups by examining both sides of the coin. It’s not enough to just look at the standings and surmise that one team is better than the other. By taking an objective look at both teams, sports handicappers are able to determine their strengths and weaknesses and recommend the better side.

A classic example of good sports handicapping analysis can be found when a handicapper uncovers gems lurking below the surface. Consider a football team that is 8-2, but ranks near the bottom of the league in pass defense, is facing a 2-8 squad that ranks high in passing offense. The underdog is going to come in at a good price because of their losing record.  The dog may be worth backing based on the fact that their strength is going against the favorites weakness and they should keep the game close.

Proper sports handicapping analysis will also go beyond the statistics and recent trends. Skilled sports handicappers take into account injury reports, recent team transactions, the game venue, recent home stands or road trips, along with game day weather as well as the overall importance of the game. Once the information as been gathered and analyzed, it should be presented in a concise and easy to decipher format.

Free Sports Picks and Analysis: Worth It?

Knowing where to find quality free sports picks and analysis is important when it comes to making winning sports wagers. While many “free pick” sports betting websites are just opinions, there are informative sites that will add to your sports betting knowledge base.

It should be noted that free picks and sports analysis is not the “end all – be all” when it comes to successful sports betting. The information you receive at these websites needs to be added to your own analysis and then used to help form your betting choice.

Longevity and an accurate presentation of a handicappers win percentage are often telltale indicators when it comes to determining the value of a free picks information source. Reputable handicappers will always give you the lowdown of their sports betting background along with recent betting records.

Sports bettors should always be a little suspect of a site that advertises an inflated win percentage of 95% or the like. A site that advertises a winning percentage in the 55% range should always be trusted over the guys who boast perfection.

Remember, free sports betting analysis and free picks are just two ingredients of a profitable sports betting formula.

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