Sports Betting Books

Walk into any library or book store and you are sure to be astounded by the number of books you will find on the subject of sports betting. Not surprisingly, many of these sports betting books are written by self proclaimed sports betting professionals, which isn’t always true. In fact, while many of these books’ authors are well briefed on proper betting theory and strategy, they are far from haunting Las Vegas sportsbooks like the real pros do (who, mind you, don’t have the time to write books about their professional careers.

There are however, some truly fantastic sports betting books out there, and we’re here to put them on the map for you.

The Best Sports Betting Books

The three sports betting books we recommend below are considered by many to be veritable sports betting bibles. Once you pick up some copies and read them, we’re sure your wallets will agree with us.

-Sport Gambling 101

For those who have little or no experience in sports betting Sports Gambling 101 is a good introduction. The book is written for novice and first time bettors and it clearly explains the sports betting basics in easy to understand terms. You won’t be a Billy Walter type bettor after this quick read but you will have a solid overview of how to get started at making profitable sports wagers.

-Weighing The Odds In Sports Betting

King Yao is a well-known author of two analytical gambling books, one on sports betting and one on poker playing. In Weighing The Odds In Sports Betting, Yao brings bettors an informative look at sport betting terms such as middling, hedging, and scalping. He also covers everything from the NFL to March Madness, with tips on halftime betting, game total wagering, along with prop and future betting, to name a few.

-The Book On Bookies: An Inside Look At A Successful Sports Gambling Operation

Every sports betting enthusiast would be wise to read up on the inner workings of a sports gambling operation. This book, while designed to show the reader how to set up a sports betting ring, takes an in depth look at the day to day operations of a sportsbook. Knowing what makes the bookies tick, along with how they succeed, will give you an edge when it comes to making winning sports bets.


Sports Betting Tips

Here we offer a quick review of five top sports betting tips that are easy to understand and simple to follow.

  1. Money Management: Stick to your budgeted bankroll – whether you are winning or losing.
  2. Shop For The Best Betting Lines: Odds vary – get the best lines that support your side.
  3. Do Your Sports Betting Homework: Study the match-up and know the teams you are betting on.
  4. Pay Attention To Home Dogs: Home field advantage always helps teams get up for a game.
  5. Pick Your Sports Betting Time: Sharp bettors gobble up underdog lines early in the week.

The University of Sports Betting Picks is at your fingertips – make sure you take advantage of it.

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