Sports Betting Picks

There is a huge difference between making lucky sports betting picks and making educated sports wagers. Anyone can log on to the internet and make sports bets but only those that take the time to do their homework will be profitable over the long run. Handicapping and sports betting takes dedication to the process and bettors must take the time required to set up a system that will result in winning sports picks.

You don’t need to be a Harvard grad or a computer genius to set up a profitable sports betting system. The Internet is loaded with advice on how to make winning sports betting picks. Tap into the secrets of successful online sports betting by arming yourself with some of the well-written handicapping books that are available from online bookstores. Profitable sports bettors also take advantage of free sports handicapping picks, along with the sports handicapping tips, which are readily available today. One should never underestimate the power of knowledge with it comes to winning sports betting.

Free Sports Handicapping Picks

Many novice and recreational sports bettors do not take full advantage of free sports handicapping picks. Most assume that wagering on sports is a 50/50 proposition and they pick a side. While it is true that one side will win, and one side will lose, there are a number of sides to every sports betting coin. Though the process used to make winning sports handicapping picks can sound complex, it’s certainly not rocket science. That being said, there is more to it than just scanning than the sports page, looking at the records, and making a sports wager.

When it comes to making winning sports betting picks bettors need to look at the available sports wagering options from all angles. In order to make educated sports handicapping picks, reputable sports handicappers set up a “flow chart” type system to make their picks. The system starts with selecting a sports betting option and ends when they put their money where their mind is by making their online sports bet.

Sports Handicapping Tips

Today more than ever before, sports bettors have a wealth of sports handicapping tips available to them. Online bookstores are packed with sports betting information and sports bettors are wise to read some of the sports betting strategy books that are readily available. While there is a cost, both financially and reading time wise, books on sports handicapping tips can more than pay for themselves with one winning bet. Think of any sports betting book purchase as an investment in a profitable sports betting future. Having easy to access to a “check list” of sports handicapping tips is a valuable tool in the sports betting process. Below, our expert handicappers have provided five of their top sports betting tips.

Budget Your Bankroll

The importance of properly using your sports betting bankroll can never be overstated. When making sports betting picks, some will be winners and some will be losers. With proper bankroll management, bettors can profit from their winning sports betting picks while minimizing the damage of their non-winning sports wagers.

Build A Sports Knowledge Bankroll

Successful sports handicappers have two bankrolls. One is a financial bankroll while the other is a sports knowledge bankroll. Sports bettors should never use their financial bank before they have a well stocked sports knowledge bank. Take full advantage of the wealth of information available to quickly and easily build your sports knowledge bankroll.

Wall Street vs. Online Sportsbooks

There isn’t a whole lot of difference between Wall Street and Online Sportsbooks. Before they hit Wall Street, investors always review the stocks that they are going to invest in. Sports bettors need to do the same by reviewing the sports betting options, and the sides they are betting on, before they hit the sportsbooks.

Be Selective When Shopping For Sports Betting Odds

When buying a new car, you wouldn’t go to one dealership and buy the first car you saw. The same principle applies to sports betting odds. Profitable sports handicappers are selective when shopping for the best sports betting odds. Lines vary from one sports betting site to the next – shop our top rated sportsbooks to get the best odds.

Home Underdogs Can Have Some Bite

Sharp handicappers know the value of home underdogs that can have some bite. Teams will generally play better when they have home field advantage. Many players are motivated (insulted) by being a home dog and most athletes are too proud to just rollover. Additionally, home underdogs always want to play well in front of the hometown faithful.

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